Seattle Mount Baker Remodels

Laid back lifestyle great people and great views. That is what the Mount Baker neighborhood is all about. We love driving to our client sites in Mount Baker, it's much like driving down Alki Beach, you can't help looking at the views. Lake Washington is the oldest resident of the Mount Baker neighborhood and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Seattle's Mount Baker Neighborhood. Great views. Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

The houses in the neighborhood are skew older so we see many home owners requesting bathroom and kitchen remodels as their homes are getting older. Bathrooms then to be on the smaller side, so we look at creative ways to maximize space and take advantage of our years of experience remodeling older smaller bathrooms to help the homeowner visualize what the bathroom can so that they can put their own creative suggestions out there. We really work hard to get their vision implemented. I wrote a great blog post about the top 5 things you should be asking your contractor about your bathroom remodel, it's a good read if you are starting down that path.

Kitchens are another place we see a lot of activity in the Mount Baker Neighborhood. Kitchen remodels are second only to bathroom remodels and to be honest, they are the most complicated. With the narrow streets and the close proximity of your neighbors, bringing a kitchen remodel from start to finish is not an easy task. There are many considerations to keep in mind and we are happy to help out with any questions you might have. In fact, if you are looking to start the process of getting that kitchen remodeled, give me a call. We can come out and give our insights and ideas around how to maximize space and functionality of your home. Plus, we love working in Mount Baker... it doesn't get any better.

Neighborhood Attractions (for those out of towners thinking about moving to the Mount Baker neighborhood..psst. Do it!)



Mount Baker Neighborhood's Colman Park. Thanks to Lori Dugdale for the pictures

Colman Park

Great little park You can book your wedding at this park. Once of the Mount Baker neighborhood's coolest parks.







East Portal Viewpoint Park

East Portal Viewpoint Park in the Mount Baker neighborhood. Great homes.This is a great little park. A great viewpoint out onto one of Seattle's floating bridges, I-90. Lake Washington looks beautiful from this vantage point during the day or night. Seeing the cars coming accross the lake gives a unique view that not everyone has seen. We suggest hitting this park if you have friends coming in from out of town. It's small, but a great view. Take a look at the homes next to this Mount Baker neighborhood park and you will see what a great place it is to live and visit.


. Parkes
            i. Coleman Park
            ii. Lake Washington Boulavard Park
            iii. Mount Baker Park
            iv. East Portal Viewpoint
                1) One of our favorite little parks in Seattle is the Mount Baker Neighborhood's East Portal Viewpoint park that overlooks Lake Washington and the I-90 floating bridge. It is the same view that draws the residents of the Mount Baker neightborhood to this area. The views are what make the location.
            v. South Day Street Park




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