Seattle Basement Remodeling

A lot of basements are not used efficiently as a result of poor shelving, ceiling hight, and how space is broken up. Forced air furnace systems create challenges to get height. We use heat runs and tuck them away to optimize space. Hara construction loves to turn damp basements into functional living spaces.

We aim to make basements feel warm and comfortable by adding windows, lighting, and heating.  A key thing is making sure what we do is dried in so that no moisture gets into the basement. Lot of basements in Seattle are wet because of the rain. We use french drains, relocate down spouts, and other methods to make spaces functional and inviting.

Some key things you should think about when remodeling a basement are:

  1. How to keep the space dry.
  2. Keeping plumbing, heating, and electrical, up to code/todays standards 

  3. How to maximize storage to make space functional