Old Home Restorations

Old homes are beautiful. Not to mention they have character and style that just can’t be found in homes today. Hara Construction specializes in Older home renovations, additions, and repairs throughout the Seattle, King County area.  We make every effort to try and restore and blend seamlessly with the architectural style and period details of your home, while adding the modern conveniences, energy efficiency, and comforts that are available for you to enjoy today. Turn to Hara Construction to preserve your home’s character, longevity, functionality, and value.

Many people ask us if we do smaller jobs. The answer is ‘yes’. Over the past 8 years we’ve completed hundreds of jobs from a few thousand to over a million dollars.

Whether it’s just an entire exterior, or just a few isolated items, our carpenters will carry out the repairs necessary to keep your home in good shape, while maintaining its character:

  • Sill and Structural repairs
  • Window restoration
  • Roofings, gutters, siding and exterior trim repairs
  • Dormers, additions, basement remodels
  • Chimney repairs or Gas Chimney installs


The goal of most of our older home renovations is to help our clients to be able to continue to love and keep their old homes.  Sometimes if our client’s find that they're house feels a bit too small, or the mechanical systems are outdated, the kitchens and bathrooms need updating, or the floor plan just doesn’t work for them, we are there to help update and renovate their existing space.  It may mean building an addition. It may mean a new kitchen with a family room addition and master suite above. Chances are, if you have a project in mind, we’ve done something similar.

Once we determine that our services and your needs are a good fit, it’s time for a site visit to review the work to be done and propose a range of solutions. We may meet with an architect or designer to create schematic drawings and construction documents. We’ll come up with a detailed plan and budget and sign a Construction Contract.

At the end of the project we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled by the results.  We are always available to answer questions, find solutions, and provide referrals, and hope that you’ll think of us as your go-to contractor and remodeling resource for years to come.