Madison Park Remodels

The Seattle Madison Park NeighborhoodWe love working in the Madison Park neighborhood. If you are thinking of moving to the Seattle area, this is a great neighborhood,here is one of the local blogs. It has some vintage,unique homes that homeowners love to remodel and update. Madison Park is located just South of the University of Washington and is located on Lake Washington

So, why does Hara Construction love remodeling homes in Madison Park? In one word, quality. We've found that your neighborhood demand quality craftsmanship when remodeling their homes. Not only do they want their remodel be of the highest quality, they also demand speedy construction and attention to detail. Hara Construction has been serving the Madison Park Neighborhood for over 20 years and prides ourselves as quality craftsmen.. Our clients demand a high quality and we deliver. 

What are some of the most common home remodel projects performed in Madison Park neighborhood? We find kitchen and bath remodels for the most part. Some of the homes in are older, so basement build outs and additions are also often requested by our clients.

Madison Park Bathroom Remodeling by Hara ConstructionMadison Park Bathroom Remodels

Since many of the homes are older, the bathrooms skew smaller. That being said, space management is very important. Utilizing all the available space is important when remodeling your smaller bathroom. Again, some folks just opt to expand their bathroom all together, a task we are very familiar with.

Madison Park Kitchen Remodels

Kitchen remodels can be tricky. We see great kitchens on the television or online and want that same feel in our own homes This is difficult when remodeling older homes as often time, space is not a plentiful as it is with some of the newer homes you see on tv. Hara Construction has time after time, worked with homeowners to get as much of their dream kitchen 


Madison Park basement remodeling by Seattle's Hara Construction.Madison Park Basement remodels and Additions

Basement remodels are another exercise in space management. We have brought some great living spaces into some of our customers basements. Being able to visualize what your basement CAN be is another one of Hara Construction's strong suits. When it comes to additions, one thing that other contractors lack is the ability to make the new addition seem like it was part of the home all along. Perfectly melding old and new is what Hara does best.

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