About US


Todd Hara owner of Hara Construction of Seattl WashingtonHara Construction was founded by Owner Todd Hara in January of 2003. Even as a child building and creating was Todd's passion. At night when he was put down to sleep, he refused his teddy bear and cuddles with a hammer. He followed this passion while growing up being a part of any and all extracurricular activities available involving all aspects of building and construction.

Upon going to Landmark College, a private college in Vermont, he continued with his extracurricular activities that not only included work studies in carpentry and building, but he also became an icon in the community. Todd was a volunteer Fire Fighter in Putney, Vermont for 6 years, tutored students with learning disabilities through his stent at the college, and received a Community Service Award with thanks and honors for giving back to the community. All of this while graduating with honors at the top of his class. 

Todd has created Hara Construction with the same morals he displayed growing up. Hara Construction offers work study/apprentice work for those sharing his passion. Todd also donates too many charities including Child Haven and A-Star. Hara Construction takes pride in having extremely high morals and standards. Hara Construction is your building path to perfection.